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İş İngilizcesi - Business English

İngilizce Yazışma İpuçları

Business Writing Tips

  1. Know why you’re writing. Before you begin writing, know what you want to say – and why you want to say it. One way to ensure you know why you’re writing is to make an outline of your main points beforehand.

  2. Present the most important points first. Present the most important point(s) at the beginning of your document; then use the paragraphs and sections that follow to support your statement. The same goes for paragraphs: At the beginning of each paragraph, state the main point. Then present the supporting details.

  3. Use simple, specific language. Don’t use a big word or an obscure word when a short word or a simple word will suffice. Choose concrete words and specific examples over abstract, vague language. Avoid technical jargon and clichés.

  4. Use active rather than passive voice. Active voice makes writing more energetic and forceful. If you can’t figure out how to put an idea into active voice, figure out who or what is doing the action and make that the subject of the sentence.

  5. Proofread, proofread, proofread. You can’t proofread something too many times. Do it yourself, and don’t rely on spell- or grammar-check.

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